40 Things to Smile about Today


Sometimes, life is easier, sweeter, and better just because we notice what makes us smile.  As I prepare to enjoy this lovely Sunday, I let my mind roam to the simple things that make me feel good.  Here’s to a peaceful, happy spirit! 

1. Day dreaming – In my head, Im brilliant like Toni, warm like Maya, inspiring (and rich) like Oprah, dance like Debbie, sing like Gladys, look like Ms. Ernestine, and love like Harriet.

2. My favorite elders – even when they fuss!

3. 4C hair – it can do anything!

4.  Self-efficacy and courage.

5.  All of my basic needs, real needs, are met.

6. Hair – whether I cut it, grow it, twist it, or buy it, I love hair!

7. People with pretty teeth – they are like walking pieces of art!

8. People with contagious laughs.

9. My community of friends.

10. I am healthy.

11. People who call me instead of relying solely on social media for our interaction.

12. That sexy feeling that I get after exercise.

13. Being able to try a new recipe, hate it and not feel guilty about trashing it.

14. Acid reflux meds (this girl is no longer on fiyah)!

15. I’ve knowingly cheated death three times – I’m a survivor!

16. Cooler temps despite it being darn near August.

17. The air of superiority that I feel when I watch others engage in social media fights.

18. How sneaky I feel when my hoity toity friends bash bad eating, and I know I still eat hot dogs.

19. Getting the chance to work on my business, to try every day to get it right—-and being okay with the reality/possibility of mistakes.

20. Perpetual hopefulness about all things life.

21. A physically safe place that I actually enjoy calling home….even though it’s always messy.

22. Deciding that there is never a good reason to wear a thong.

23. Never needing to buy a bra that costs more than $25 unless I just want to.

24. My blood family.

25. Living long enough to understand what Grandma meant when she said, “Keep living”.

26. The newish Planet Fitness within walking distance of my home. #noexcuses

27. The excitement that I feel about good thrift store finds!

28. Learning not to accumulate stuff I won’t use.

29. Bougiebabies on Instagram – makes me smile every time.

30. The 86-year-old.

31. My chosen family aka “my ride or dies” – I can wake them up at 3am to come get me no matter where I am or what I did (and we’ve surpassed that point where an immediate conversation is necessary). I don’t call in those favors often; but it helps me make it knowing they care.  And because I’m single, they’re gonna help me get into the ground, too, when that time comes.  The only problem we have is, “who is going first?”

32. How excited I feel thinking about getting another pet.

33. Comfortable shoes.

34. Lazy beach days – particularly the AC beach b/c I can rent the set up! I hate carrying beach stuff.

35. Fellowship with God.

36. Never having to cry alone.

37. Good sugar, i.e., dessert!

38. Heavy cream in my coffee.

39. Good hugs.

40. Hopefulness about turning 41.


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