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Meet Mylena!

Hello! I’m Mylena “Blush” Sutton, and Pink Boxes Club (PBC) is my baby— and it is three things. First, PBC is my coaching practice where I work with women 1:1 to help them own their goals and go after them without guilt no matter how many demands and responsibilities they manage. Second, it is an online community for women who are committed to designing and living the lives that they want to live. Yes, we know that life gets busy, but we are tired of putting ourselves at the bottom of the list. Third, PinkBoxesClub is an in-real-life community that meets for reflect-to-refocus weekends and semi-annual retreats.

Here’s why I decided to start my coaching practice: I love people and in every area of my life, on and off the clock, I encounter people who are overwhelmed with their lives and responsibilities and ignoring, to their detriment, their own needs. The self-neglect oozes out of them and shows up in every aspect of their lives. Sadly, they’re often stressed out at work, too. They’re earning money, but they’re only half showing up because not enough of their day-to-day activities are connected to the things that get them fired up and matter to them.

Frankly, when you don’t see the connection between your needs and goals and your everyday life, either you change the activities, change the goals or stop setting goals. Women usually stop setting and pursuing goals because they lose themselves in those who depend on them. Women often forget their own goals and give themselves to routine and obligation. Over time, routine and obligation turn into resentment and nagging frustration. It does not have to be this way, and this is where I help. If I can change the narrative and vision of my life to get more joy, you can too!

Nothing gives my heart more joy than seeing another woman moving confidently toward her goals. Even if she’s moving slowly, I’m glad to see a sister moving!