Why Pink Boxes?

Where did the name  "Pink Boxes Club" come from?

I asked a friend, whose life is super busy with personal, family, church, and work commitments, how she made time for everything. I was so impressed by her response and her deliberateness that I used her story to name my coaching practice (perhaps, I should cut her a check!).

She told me that she lives by a color-coded calendar. When she looks at each week’s obligations, if there aren’t enough "pink boxes" on it, she will rearrange and delete some things to make time to create space for a certain number of pink boxes, which is her placeholder for selfcare. What a fabulous personal practice!

In essence, my friend says to the world, each and everyday, "In order to show up, in the way that I want or for others, I must take care of myself FIRST".

How would your life be better if you insisted on more pink boxes for yourself?

Our 3Ps: The Personal, Professional & Physical

Each quarter, I bring a circle of women. The regulars know to come prepared to answer the following questions: “How are you doing personally, professionally, and physically?” We call these our 3Ps and use them make space for us to talk about what matters us, even if those things don't matter to anybody else or involve helping or serving.

Feel free to borrow this prompt for your sister-friends gatherings! They pair well with wine.

Pink Boxes Club focuses on empowering women to go after their goals, no matter how many other demands and responsibilities they manage.

Nearly everyday, women navigate the world even while feeling dissatisfied with their lives and overwhelmed by their responsibilities, to the point that they ignore their own needs. Even as they hide their self-neglect, it shows up in every aspect of their lives, especially in the mirror.

They have great jobs and earn good money, but they’re only half showing up in life because few, if any, of their day-to-day activities are connected to  things that get them fired up or matter to them personally.

When a person can't see the connection between their goals and their everyday routine, they wind up doing one of the things: changing the activities, changing the goals or stop setting goals.

Women usually stop setting goals. Then, they forget them and focus on being responsible, that is, their routines and obligations. Over time, running on routine and obligation gets old and turns into resentment (and maybe low grade, chronic depression).

It does not have to be this way, and this is where Pink Boxes Club helps.