Move past shame, align everything with your goals, & design the life you want.

On a near-daily basis, I interact with people who are struggling with their own goals because they take on the struggles of the people in their lives; however, their issues are broader than that. They also struggle with all of the judgements that make you feel like you're a bad person when you want to spend time and energy working on what's important to you instead of what's important to your “mama nem”, your kids, your partner, your job, your church community, and folks you don’t even know!

Our Services

    • Reflect to Refocus Retreat Weekends
    • Individual (1:1) Coaching
    • Bring-Your-Own-Group Coaching

It's also been my experience that the people who feel guilty about wanting to focus on their goals often resent their responsibilities. But get this: often they aren't even clear on or particularly committed to their own goals! They just know they aren't working on anything that lights their souls on fire. They're doing their day to day stuff, feeling further and further behind, and their responsibilities to others are actually one more excuse for them not to do the hard work of developing themselves. In turn, it's one more day, one more weekend, one more year of talking about that weight they wanted to lose, the book they wanted to write, the trip they wanted to take, and all of the other things they didn't do.

I help my clients identify their real goals, develop what I call an "anchor habit" (the one thing that you refuse to sacrifice), set boundaries, and renegotiate their responsibilities to align nearly everything they do with their goals. Then, I follow up with them for six months after they complete my program. I can’t make them do anything; however, I want to be the reminder that they ALWAYS have a choice.............even if they’re choosing to betray themselves.