The 3Ps: The Personal, The Professional, and The Physical


I live in these three buckets, and I think most of us do. Each bucket contributes to my ability to live a full life. I can’t ignore one in favor of the other, and I can’t afford for them to become unbalanced. As a matter of fact, whenever I check in with my girlfriends, I usually start with, “How you making out with your 3Ps?” It’s my way of making sure that we acknowledge that we see one another’s efforts at living her best life.  


(1) “The Personal” is how I manage those things that reeeeeeeeeeeeeally matter to me, in particular, my personal goals (I want to reach a particular financial goal, I want to build a specific personal or family tradition, etc), how I set boundaries so that I can be my best, how I manage my important relationships, and how I decide my priorities.  


(2) “The Professional” has to do with how I’m managing my business and career goals. Am I achieving the hallmarks that matter to me?  Am I keeping my skills current? I am doing worthwhile work?  


(3) “The Physical” is how I take care of my body, including my mental health and my style. Am I making lifestyle choices that won’t I won’t regret? Am I making the best choices I can with managing stress and having balance so that I can live in the moment and have contentment?  Am I taking care of how I look so that my appearance doesn’t negatively impact my self-esteem?


I borrowed the idea of sharing podcasts to listen to while you exercise from  #GIRLTREK!  It is  an organization that focuses on getting black women to take care of their bodies. Recently, they launched a 21-Day Challenge of hosting a 30 minute chat for sistas to listen to while they did a half hour walk.  WONDERFUL!!!!  I want to encourage you to keep walking, so here you go! Stay tuned for tools for your first and second Ps. 


Podcasts to Keep You Company While You Exercise:

Friends Like Us by Marina Franklin
Perspectives and chat with women of color with a healthy dose of humor


Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
Do I really need to give a description for this?


Unlady Like
Two women, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, talk about the double standards of society and how so much nonsense is expected of women. 


Rants & Randomness with Luvvie Ajayi
Pop culture with a wicked sense of humor.  


H.E.R. Space with Terri Lomax and Dr. Dominique Broussard
Conversations on justa about everything that impacts black women.  


The Suga 

Conversations about what what it means to be a black woman and a mama!

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