10 numbers EVERY Woman needs in her Phone


Life is such that there are times when you just need people. You know, the “have your people call my people” type people! Yes, we need people who we know can do the job that we call them to do without making excuses and unnecessary screw ups. You need to be able to write a check with your mouth that you can actually cash!

The interesting thing is that your list changes over time. Your 40+ year old list is probably NOT the same as your 26 year old list. If it is, something is probably wrong, very wrong. The lists are also different simply because who you are as a person is different. Change is a good thing and don’t apologize for it. You’ve figured out what you can do for yourself, what you want someone else to do for you, and what you really need help with.

So, I was having a conversation with my tribe about who we have on our teams. We came up with waaaaaaay more than 10 people, but this list is our best effort at narrowing it down. Check it out and tell us who is on your list!  Tell us who is in your top 10, and if you’re not shy, tell us your age.

1. Your medical team – gynecologist and primary care doctor.
2. Tailor – There are times when the outfit must fit in all the right places!
3. Hair stylist whose salon you actually want to go to………and a backup stylist!
4. A good take out restaurant for those days when you need comfort food.
5. Your finance team – an accountability partner, a tax professional, and somebody who can grow your money.
6. Your fix-it team: reliable and honest mechanic and a handy man.
7. A good body work professional (massage therapist, reflexology practitioner, etc).
8. An attorney/somebody who will get you out of jail – the longer you live and the more you grow, the more you need to protect.
9. Moral compass = this person helps you look at the contradictions in your character (hey, we all have ’em), but doesn’t make you feel like a bad person. They simply push you to be a person of conviction.
10. Somebody who encourages you – you can talk to this person when you feel scared, anxious, guilty, or giddy about something and they get you (For me, it’s Uncle Frank).

Bonus: A friend who will help you let your hair down WITHOUT putting your business in the street!

I’m pretty sure you have your own list!  What numbers would you add to this list? Share you additions!


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