What would you do if you couldn’t spend a dime?

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A few years ago, I lost nearly 40 pounds. I did it with exercise and changing how I ate, and a big part of the new way I was eating meant eating out less, MUUUUCH LESS! In particular, I didn’t expect how eating out less would affect my romantic life! Many suitors’ “go to” date is an invitation to dinner. It became a major issue when I would say, “I don’t want to do dinner. Can you plan something else?” The fellas didn’t know what to do! The fact that they had to think of something else stressed them out. I made it doubly hard when I would request, “an activity focused date”. Yes, I wanted to do stuff like zip-lining, hiking, and archery classes. Brothers were all the way stressed out; but I really wasn’t feeling “dinner and staring into my eyes”.

Now, switch it up: what would you do if you couldn’t spend any money on Christmas? Seriously, what would you? Would you be as stumped as the fellas? How would you deal with people who want you to participate in gift exchanges? How would you deal with your job and the white elephant party? Would you feel guilty? Would you miss it?

Many people “do Christmas” just because it’s expected of them, even if they don’t want to……even if they can’t afford it. But what if you freed yourself from expectations and explored what appeals to you? What if you created a tradition for yourself? What if…………………………….. what would you add to my list?

  1. Write hand-written letters to people you love throughout the holiday season.
  2. Try new recipes throughout the month and share them……IF they turn out well.
  3. Convince your friends to have a bonfire.
  4. Explore several hiking trails throughout the season.
  5. Reach out to restore a broken relationship or friendship and/or tell the people in your life how important they are to you.
  6. Host a virtual “Walk Down Memory Lane” party to share the best memories of holidays past.
  7. Talk with your siblings or closest loves ones and actively choose or create a new family tradition.
  8. Set a meaningful goal for yourself, including choosing an accountability partner and setting aside the time and money to make it happen.
  9. Make a video of photos and memorable moments to share with the important people in your life.
  10. Offer to do something for someone for a need that you know they have, but that they’d never ask for your help with, i.e., don’t ask them, but simply do what you know needs to be done.

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