Design the Life You Want to Live

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This personal growth program is designed for professional women who are struggling to find the motivation and courage to achieve their goals. She is on the brink of being overwhelmed with life’s obligations and needs a coach to help her do what she thinks is impossible: live joyfully and without regret, guilt, or resentment. 

When you complete our life coaching program registration,  you gain access to The Design the Life You Want program. This self-discovery journey is designed to guide and propel you toward self-love and includes the following:

  • Two 90-minute power sessions 
  • Seven 60-minute private coaching calls
  • Email access between coaching calls 
  • Recordings of all coaching sessions for you to listen to and learn from later.
  • Free access to group coaching program for six months*
    *Launch date TBD.


At the end of the program, participants will have:  

  • Freedom from the belief that taking space for yourself means you are selfish and that your commitments and the people you care about will suffer if you do.
  • Clarity on where your time, energy, and other resources are going and how these decisions impact your ability to focus on what matters to you.
  • A blueprint for a new routine that makes space for your goals and chosen obligations.
  • A personal checklist to help you avoid taking on new obligations that are not aligned with your goals.
  • Clear commitments to your core 3Ps.
  • Core personal values to serve as a guide for your life and choices.
  • A personal creed for how you want to be perceived and begin to bring your lifestyle and demeanor into alignment with the creed you create.
  • An anchor habit that will serve as a defining habit around which to build your priorities.


Life coaching program registration:

Payment options includes full payment and installment plans.
Payment policies: full payment or payment plan required before coaching sessions can be scheduled or begin.

Refund policy: clients may receive a partial refund if they cancel within five days of the first coaching sessions. Cancellations requests not received within that time frame will not be honored.

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