It’s Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Aren’t the One


I understand why it takes some ppl so long to decide to commit to someone they’ve been with forever. It’s NEVER as simple as “you aren’t the one” when a man/woman won’t marry you (I do, however, agree that you can’t change someone).

Sometimes, it takes a person a while to believe, know, and trust that the other person is solid. Sometimes, it takes a person a while to be certain about what they want and need, and that is okay. People should give themselves permission to grow or evolve.

That person is not necessarily manipulating or using you. You are not a fool for waiting. You are not a fool for wanting more. Nothing in the situation is good or bad. It just is. Your responsibility is to recognize that you’re making a choice, no matter what you do. Make the decisions you need to make and that won’t leave you feeling bitter or resentful, whether that means standing by or moving on.

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